This is a levy charged by the government on incomes and expenditure of individuals and organizations payment of which is exacted by legislative authority.

Types of taxation services we provide

1. Income Tax

This is levy on incomes such as gains and profits from employment and business. Individuals are levied Pay as You Earn tax (P.A.Y.E.) while companies are levied Corporation Tax. Other organizations like NGO’s, societies and clubs are levied income taxes as well.

Our income tax services involve but not limited to:
  • Tax Compliance ie. Submission of quarterly installment taxes as well as computation and submission of the final tax for each year.
  • Preparations of Income Tax returns (manual & electronic) for: companies, partnerships and individuals.
  • Advisory and guidance on income Tax matters.
  • Computing and advising on the annual income tax installments payments.
  • Handling Kenya Revenue Authority enquiries on our client's behalf and playing a facilitation and liaison role in the event of revenue audits.
2. VAT

This is Tax on inputs or consumption as well as on outputs or sales. It is paid at point of sale. Tax invoices and receipts are supposed to be generated. From the perspective of the buyer, it is a tax on the purchase price. From that of the seller, it is a tax only on the value addedto a product, material, or service.

Our VAT Services provided involve but not limited to:
  • Preparations of monthly VAT returns both online and manual.
  • Advisory and guidance on VAT matters .
  • Handling Kenya Revenue Authority enquiries on our client's behalf and playing a facilitation and liaison role in the event of VAT audits.
3. Tax Health-Checks

These involves us reviewing in-house tax operations; PAYE tax, withholding tax, and VAT for purposes of ensuring compliance with Tax authorities and establishing any possible need for tax planning requirements. With increased risks on non-compliance, we provide audit scrutiny of taxpayers' tax compliance matters to ensure that even non-compliance is avoided. Our health-check reviews are aimed at providing assurance to our clients.

4. Tax Consultancy and Advisory services

This involves: tax planning and consultation to assist business decisions-making and planning, providing answers to specific tax enquiries, preparing industry or company tax position papers, for example for lobbying purposes and tax due diligence investigations.

Some of the benefits of having a Tax Specialist:

When Tax planning and management services are provided by a specialist, risks associated with the following are reduced:

  • Timely payment of tax to the authorities including filling of returns;
  • Instances of over or under taxation is minimized;
  • Penalties and interests associated to: defaulting, under-declarations, avoidance or cheating;
  • Can reduce tax burdens and improve profitability of organizations.

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